Astralis: CoA

Certificate of Authenticity

Astralis: IGI Certificate

IGI Certificate

The Astralis Promise

The finest diamonds demand the highest reassurance. The Astralis Certification Portfolio provides you with the very highest standards of certification and confidence, both in the sourcing of your diamond, and also the facilities in which they are cut.

Cutting an Astralis diamond can take days of our artisan's time, only the very highest standards of diamond cutting are acceptable. Following the completion of the diamond, it is awarded the rarest of certificates - the Certificate of Authenticity. This details the full particulars of the diamond, including the original rough weight and the date it was polished by our craftsmen.

Furthermore, every Astralis diamond is accompanied with a certificate from the leading independent gemological laboratory, IGI. This is your further assurance of the cutting excellence.

Consumer Confidence

Astralis diamonds are manufactured to the most exacting specifications. Our rough diamond intake and manufacturing facilities are industry leading and independently audited to ensure that we uphold the highest best practice principles.

Furthermore, the Astralis diamond is accompanied by the following undertaking:

  • Every rough diamond is sourced from Kimberley compliant sources, guaranteeing that your diamond is conflict-free as well as perfectly cut.
  • Every diamond is fully traceable through our own polishing facility, by our own craftsmen.
  • Every Astralis diamond is accompanied by two diamond certificates - your guarantee of diamond cutting excellence.
  • Each diamond is independently certified.