Gabi Tolkowsky

Gabi Tolkowsky

Astralis by Gabi Tolkowsky

Diamonds with a remarkable character

Gabi Tolkowsky is the world's most celebrated diamond cutter and sixth generation of the renowned Tolkowsky diamond dynasty.

In a remarkable career spanning over 50 years, Gabi has cut the world's largest and most valuable diamonds including the De Beers Centenary diamond and the Golden Jubilee. In 2002, Gabi was knighted by the King of Belgium, with the title Chevalier de L'Ordre du Roi Leopold II, for his services to the diamond industry.

The remarkable Astralis diamond is Gabi Tolkowsky's signature creation and features a unique star in every culet. This demonstrates the perfection of the cut and a unique facet arrangement, resulting in stones which are up to 30% brighter.