What was Gabi Tolkowsky's greatest achievement?

That's the $100 million question

In 1986, De Beers Consolidated Mines recovered one of the largest white rough diamonds ever found from the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa. Weighing nearly 600ct as a rough diamond, it was immediately distinguished for its white colour, and exceptional purity.

In 1988, Gabi Tolkowsky was asked by De Beers to evaluate the rough stone, and assess the viability of cutting it as the worlds largest D colour flawless diamond. Valued at the time at $100m, Gabi assembled a team of the world's finest diamond cutters to work with him in cutting the stone to his rigorous specification.

Whilst cutting the Centenary Diamond, Gabi and his team were presented with a rough diamond weighing 755ct. Known as the Unnamed Brown, the diamond had also been recovered from the Premier Diamond Mine. This diamond later became known as the Golden Jubilee Diamond.

Over the next three years Gabi and his team based themselves at a secret underground location in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they worked on the masterpieces that would become two of the most famous diamonds in the world.

Gabi Tolkowsky

Gabi Tolkowsky