Famed for their diamond cutting for nearly two centuries, the Tolkowsky dynasty is renowned for their passion and obsessive detail in unlocking the brilliance of every diamond that passes through their hands.

Star Gazer

Astralis: Star Gazer The Astralis Star Gazer is included with every purchase of an Astralis diamond. Marvel at the beauty of the unique star effect within the Astralis diamond.

Three beautiful cuts,

one distinctive character

Using his experience from cutting the world's largest and most precious gems, Gabi Tolkowsky has been inspired to create the Astralis diamond. Using the same principles which he applied to the Centenary Diamond, he unlocks the brilliance in every precious stone.

Firstly, only the finest rough diamonds are hand selected for their suitability to be crafted as Astralis diamonds with each stone individually considered before it is selected.

Only the most experienced and gifted craftsmen, chosen from Tolkowsky's renowned team of diamond cutters are permitted to cut Astralis diamonds. Under the stewardship of Gabi Tolkowsky, they apply the most stringent and demanding levels of craftsmanship to achieve a masterpiece within each individual Astralis diamond.

Only Astralis diamonds, inspired by a lifetime devoted to unlocking brilliance, are entitled to actually bear the signature of Gabi Tolkowsky himself - every Astralis diamond features his signature on the girdle of the stone.